Let me tell you which cars 'suck' -- and none of them is 'green'

Just when you thought dinosaurs were extinct.


Have you seen a hulking Nissan Armada, an enormous Chevy Suburban or a 5,000-pound Range Rover?

Probably, if you drive the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway or any other highway in America.

Just look into your rear-view mirror and you'll find one of these enormously wasteful vehicles just feet from your rear bumper as the driver brakes hard to avoid punting you off the road.

Despite these big SUVs' thirst for fossil fuel and the hundreds of dollars owners fork over at the pump every week, the ungainly vehicles usually are driven way above the speed limit, tailgating and cutting off drivers of slower cars.

The Armada comes from the same Japanese automaker that produces the all-electric Leaf -- a sure sign Nissan doesn't have its corporate act together on climate change.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across another blog called GAS2, subtitled "GREEN CARS THAT DON'T SUCK."

Really? How can a hybrid, electric or other green car suck? Because you can't burn rubber in one?

The GAS2 site covers racing, and one "sponsored" article reports on a modified Tesla Model S, including a press release that is printed verbatim.

Now, that really sucks. 

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