Cordless EV charging sounds sexy, but its slow pace is likely to put you fast alseep

No other manufacturer has come up with EV charging to compete with the speed of Tesla Motors' network of free Superchargers, which now allow you to drive across country or from New York to Florida.


I got an email about the Plugless charging system for electrical vehicles, and watched a video showing a Nissan Leaf being driven into a garage.

The Leaf drove over something on the floor of the garage -- just inside the door -- and there was another gizmo on the wall.

Gee, I thought, why don't I have that for my Tesla Model S?

Cause, the company, Evatran, doesn't make one yet for the Model S.

Plus, it's slow, taking 6 to 8 hours to fully charge a Leaf, which only has a range of 84 miles.

The system for the Leaf costs about $1,900.

Later in 2015, the company says, it plans to release a Leaf system rated at 6.6kW, double the current 3.3kW.

With a special 240-volt outlet in my garage, my Model S 60, with a range of 208 miles, is fully charged in about 7 hours (29 miles an hour).

And I can program the car to begin charging at midnight, allowing me to take advantage of lower electric rates.

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