Porsche names a new car after a pancake, suggesting it hopes to flatten competition

Is a Pajun a planned Porsche or a Korean pancake? At So Gong Dong, a popular tofu restaurant in Palisades Park, N.J., the Haemool Pajun is a grilled rice-flour pancake filled with squid and scallions, above, served with a soy-based dipping sauce.
The Porsche Pajun, a concept for a smaller Panamera or Panamera (Pa) Junior (jun).


I'm not holding my breath for an all-electric Porsche sedan that is being hyped as having enough range to take on Tesla's Model S.

The soonest the car will be produced, according to prognosticators, is 2017.

The concept is a four-door hatchback like the Model S, but smaller than a Panamera, hence the nickname, "Pajun."

Steve Siler of the Car and Driver Blog winks:

"PA-namera JUN-ior, get it?"

Pajun also is a Korean rice-flour pancake.

This wouldn't be the first auto-culinary reference from Porsche, which produces the Cayenne SUV.

A compact version of Cayenne, called Macan, is now available, so the Panamera appears to be next for a downsizing.

The Pajun -- if that is the official name -- also would be the first purely electric road car from the German manufacturer.

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