Did Toyota ruin one of the most distinctive designs since the Volkswagen Beetle?

These views of the 2016 Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid, from Consumer Reports, show the designers didn't completely abandon cues from the 2010-15 Prius, one of the most recognizable shapes on the road.
This three-quarter rear view of the 2016 Prius is especially evocative of the old model.

The 2016 Prius now bears a strong family resemblance to Toyota's Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. Many Prius owners are disappointed Toyota didn't develop an all-electric version of the world's best-selling hybrid or a completely new EV. 
The 2010-15 Toyota Prius looks fresh six years after the wraps came off. We still have a red 2010 Prius, one of four Toyota hybrids we bought starting with a burgundy 2004. 

The futuristic, second-generation 2004-09 Toyota Prius in silver, the most popular color. The 2004 model -- as groundbreaking as the air-cooled, rear-engine VW Beetle -- introduced the hatchback design that continues in the 2016 Prius. 
Toyota brought the first Prius to the United States in 2000, one year after Honda imported the Insight, a two-seater with rear fender skirts. But unlike the Insight, the Prius was a full hybrid and could operate at times on its electric motor and battery.


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