What's old is new as Tesla Motors brings back the Model S 60 and cuts price, too

The new version of Model S 60 has a revised nose and grille, and a longer range than the version that was replaced in April 2015 by the Model S 70.

Editor's note: I've revised the ranges of the Model S with 60kWh, 75kWh and 90kWh batteries, having relied on conflicting information from the Tesla Motors website and in an email to owners.


Tesla Motors has brought back the Model S 60 at a lower price that includes free Supercharging, which was a $2,000 option in April 2015.

The base price of $66,000 is $3,900 less than the previous version.

The new base model comes standard with a 60kWh battery and rear-wheel drive, and has a range of 210 miles at 65 mph, compared to 208 miles for the original.

Upgrade to a 75kWh battery with a range of 249 miles for $8,000.

The Model S four-door luxury hatchback also is available with all-wheel drive, as well as bigger 75 kWh and 90kWh batteries with a range of 249 miles and 294 miles, respectively.

The 70kWh and 85kWh batteries have been dropped.

The P90D, an all-wheel-drive performance version, has a range of 270 miles.

In the Model S 60, Autopilot, Autosteer and Summon -- autonomous driving and parking functions -- are a $2,500 option with free over-the-air updates. 

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