When I'm driving my Tesla, I want everyone to just get the F out of the way

On the way to the International Jazz Festival in Montreal last July, I stopped at a free Tesla charging station in a mall outside of Albany, N.Y., and found plenty of company.


Since I took delivery in April 2015, my Tesla Model S has given me more than 12,000 miles of effortless driving in a challenging environment -- northern New Jersey.

Affluent Bergen County, where I live, has a street network that hasn't been improved significantly since the 1950s, and some of the lousiest, most discourteous drivers in the nation.

They will cut you off without mercy, roll through stop signs right in front of you and tailgate or stop inches behind you at lights.

OK. I get that drivers of conventional cars haven't gotten the message about just how fast all-electric cars are, especially how they can leap away from a traffic light in suburban driving.

So, please, stop trying to race me or cut me off before you get to that double-parked truck on Cedar Lane in Teaneck or the one-lane bridge to Hackensack.

Just get the F out of the way and let me enjoy the quiet of driving my beautiful red Tesla.

A rare turn lane on Passaic Street. The narrow, two-lane street is a major thoroughfare connecting Hackensack and Paramus, but often is jammed by traffic inching toward Garden State Plaza, the biggest mall in New Jersey.
Drivers believe some intersections without turn lanes, such as Passaic Street and Summit Avenue in Hackensack, haven't been improved since the Revolutionary War.

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